Impact Story: Jaslynn


Jaslynn knew she had a passion for dance.  When she started our program in 9th grade, Jaslynn was looking for ways to pursue a professional dance career and own a dance studio.  

Working with our Passion for Life coaches, Jaslynn discovered her other passion - helping others. Passion for Life was “one of the best things I could have done in high school,” explained Jaslynn. 

By completing Passion for Life’s 4-I career immersion process, Jaslynn was able to: 

  • Investigate her career aspirations and connect them to her values and strengths through a process of self-discovery and exploration. 
  • Immerse in career labs and dream building tours, where her innate leadership skills began to shine through and her understanding of passion began to transform.
  • Identify and experience her “Ah-ha” moment. Between her junior and senior years of high school, Jaslynn noticed her vision board shifting away from dance and moving more toward her natural gift for counseling and helping others achieve their goals.
  • Implement her actionable passion-oriented career plan by pursuing (and achieving) a bachelor of social work from Tennessee State University. Jaslynn is now a Youth Instructor at Agape Youth and Family Center, where she mentors 3rd-8th grade students.

“I would have been completely behind if it wasn’t for Passion for Life.” - Jaslynn