Impact Story: Isiah

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From an early age, Isiah knew he had a passion to write and create. What he lacked was the network and resources to transform his passion into a career. 

“Passion for Life has given me and everyone the platform of meeting professionals aligned in our fields of interests…Passion for Life  revealed an array of career opportunities such as one-on-one projects with professionals in aspired fields, as well as  listening to their personal and professional journeys,” explained  Isiah.

By completing Passion for Life’s 4-I career immersion process, Isiah was able to: 

  • Investigate career options that were aligned with his passion to write. 
  • Immerse in transformative career experiences, such participating in a career lab with actress Erika Coleman where Isiah learned how to create his “Bible” to help him pitch movie concepts to potential funders.
  • Identify his preferred career passions which include storytelling, film, podcasts, and writing.
  • Implement his actionable passion-oriented career plan, which led him to a film study abroad in Ireland. 


“Everything Passion for Life prepared me for lead-up to this moment. This is my first time traveling to another country. I love learning about the various aspects of filmmaking. I felt excited when my short film was chosen to be produced.” - Isiah